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ECOSOC Partnership Forum - Side Event - Partnerships for Localization: rescuing the SDGs through coalitions in times of crises

30 January 2024 —30 January 2024
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Partnerships for Localization: rescuing the SDGs through coalitions in times of crises

Reinforcing the 2030 Agenda and eradicating poverty in times of multiple crises depends directly on the involvement of all actors and their ownership in the achievement and localization of the global agendas. To foster this involvement and ownership, the convening power of local and regional governments in fostering high-impact coalitions must be harnessed.

Local and regional governments are vital to foster the partnerships and inclusive multi-stakeholder and participatory governance necessary to rescue the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Addressing the current demographic trends that will shape the future of urbanization and responding to the multiple crises the world is facing, local and regional governments have been at the forefront ensuring people and the planet are being protected through the equitable and the timely provision of local public services. Given the diversity of basic services and the range of actors involved, from health, care and social services, education, to waste and sanitation, digitalization, public transport and energy utilities, among others, local and regional governments are uniquely positioned as key facilitators of inclusive and innovative partnerships and coalitions to foster high-impact action for resilience and sustainability with care at the center.

This side event, organized by the Local Authorities Major Group, gathered within the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments, Spain, the United Nations Population Fund, and the Children and Youth Major Group, will present innovative experiences and lessons learned regarding the vital connection between local and regional governments and high-impact partnerships using existing multi-stakeholder coalitions leading collective action as concrete examples. A specific focus will be made on how these coalitions contribute to eradicating poverty and to protecting human rights in times of crises while preventing conflict and fostering building blocks for peace. Participants will include local and regional government elected officials, member state and UN agency representatives and civil society leaders.



UNHQ, Conference Room F