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Local Authorities Major Group

Local Authorities Major Group

The nine Major Groups are:


Children and Youth

Indigenous Peoples

Non-Governmental Organizations

Local Authorities

Workers and Trade Unions

Business and Industry

The Scientific and Technological Community


In contrast to the other Major Groups, the LAMG is a governmental, rather than a civil society, constituency:



 Local or municipal governments, responsible for the administration of cities, towns and villages

 Subnational governments, which include organized territorial authorities above the municipal level, such as federal states, regions, provinces, and counties

The Local Authorities Major Group gathers a number of networks of local and sub‑national governments working on sustainable development policies and programmes that are willing to engage in the international negotiation processes. Through its links with the Global Taskforce it reaches all relevant networks (thematic, regional and global) working for local governments internationally.

In UN wording, "Local Authorities" includes local and regional governments, and cities and their associations. Our constituency is also referred to as "local and sub‑national governments".

Global Taskforce members ICLEI, Regions4 Sustainable Development and UCLG are the Organizing Partners for the Local Authorities Major Group, and work to link up the constituency with the UN.

UCLG facilitates the flow of information between the LAMG and the Global Taskforce members and gathers inputs from them to develop position papers and statements for the negotiations. UCLG also ensures wide representation of local and regional authorities through the GTF.


The Global Taskforce supports the work of the Local Authorities Major Group (LAMG) to
facilitate the participation of our constituency in UN processes related to
sustainable development. 

Organizing Partners

World organization of United Cities and Local Governments and its Thematic Committees

Local Governments for Sustainability

Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development