The Platform on High-Impact for Localization Policies will show our impact of localization at the SDG Summit

01 March 2023

The Platform on High-Impact for Localization Policies was launched in the framework of the UCLG Retreat 2023 on February 22. This is a tool to collect localization initiatives and projects to be showcased at the United Nations SDG Summit in September 2023.

new platform

The platform will be a repository of high-impact policies that supports the localization of the 2030 Agenda and will serve as a blueprint to achieve the SDGs. The platform allows users to choose which SDG the entry is contributing to, but at the same, it is also linked to the commitments of UCLG’s Pact for the Future. Users can choose if they are committing to the People, Planet or Government Pillar. In addition, the enablers of the Pact of the Future are also reflected; users can choose one of the enablers – trust, commons, local finance, or governance architecture. UCLG calls on all the partners to support the initiative and register their initiatives to reach the SDG Summit with strong success stories and examples that showcase the perspective of the constituency.

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